In the Studio: Exploring Marks


Last week, I had the honor of attending a design class on how designers should utilize their personal hand to create typography. As designers, we are taught to be invisible in our designs and that's not how design is suppose to be. He used great examples from the past in both design and art to explain why we should show our personal hand more. It was really moving.

One of his ending projects was that he wanted everyone to explore their own "marks". How your hand natural moves across the paper. Not to judge yourself wither the mark is perfect or terrible just to let it be. So I took up his challenge.

mark one Acrylic & Pastel

mark two Acrylic & Pastel

After, the class one of my friends suggested that I try doing the mark exercise with my eyes closed. She explained that I had to imagine where I put the marks in my head and that it would hone my connection to the material. Just make sure that I lift my arm off the table, that way I would move with my shoulder rather than my wrist. I thought it was interesting idea. So I tried it out.

mark three & four Mix Media

I had a blast! I am so glad I went to the class. All of these paintings are hanging up in my studio space right now as a reminder.


  1. They have actually come out really nice, like an inner expression. I'm going to try this exercise myself, thanks for sharing it.


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