Studio Day: Having Fun with Crayons and Watercolor

April 16, 2014

Every week I try to set aside a couple hours to make my own artwork or just mess around. It helps loosen me up and keeps me going even when work is crazy.

Usually, during this time I reference an artist just to get the juice flowing. Last week I found illustrator, Reich Karoly, through the blog Eye-Likey. His use of mix-media reminds me of how a child would draw. So I wanted to try out his style for a bit, because it looked fun and easy.

To make these I took a 11x14 and then cut it into fours. Then I pulled out my crayons, oil pastels, and watercolor. I love how these turned out! I am excited to try this again.

Make Your Own Handmade Watercolors

April 15, 2014

Visit AllParenting for this awesome DIY.

I am eager to present these DIYs, since making art supplies is near and dear to my heart. I wanted to see if you could make your own watercolors, because kids really love to paint. I realized this when I pulled out the watercolors to paint a small set of bird houses (which will be another tutorial at a different time).

Visit Design*Sponge for this DIY.

Both of these tutorials are very easy to follow. I had no problem making my own small set of watercolors. Though I might try out different food coloring companies to see which one is better.

Squiggle Drawing Art Project

April 14, 2014

A couple of days ago I did my first planned project for my class. It was a bit nerve racking, since I never had to explain a project in front of kids before. But once I got the hang of how to talk and how to show a demo, I really got into the class and so did the students. They seemed super excited that I gave them this warm-up exercises.

Paper 8x11
Marker Color of Your Choose
Drawing and Coloring Tools: Crayons, Color Pastels, Markers, etc.

1. Cut a 8x11 piece of paper in half, since it will be easier to fill.
2. Choose the color marker you want the squiggle to be.
3. Draw a squiggle onto a piece of paper (it can be anything or anywhere).
4. Then think about what the squiggle could be or what story the squiggle is a part of.
5. Next layout your drawing and coloring tools.
6. Now draw whatever you want, but you must include the squiggle somehow. Like the above image uses it as part of a flower.

Side Note If You Do This With Kids:
I found that the younger kids about kindergartener to 2nd grade did this exercises rather quickly. I often had to give students one to two more sheets of paper with the time I had with them. They also love telling me stories. While, the older kids 3rd to 5th grade went much slower and only requiring one sheet. Often making abstract art or non-story based art.

Cute Strawberry Filled Bunny Cookie Recipe

April 11, 2014

I couldn't pass up these cute cookies. I am a huge fan of food in animal shapes and thought these would be great to make. Also the recipe seemed really easy to put together, in theory. Much to my sad demise I messed up the first batch by not measuring the ingredients correctly. However, after pulling out my trusty scale I made the second batch a success! I would've posted the pictures, but by the time I got around to grabbing my camera the whole batch was eaten by the family. So, ha ha ha, I think they are not only cute but tasty.

Recipe and pictures from Las Recetas Del A Felicidad.

Work Update on a Personal Project

April 9, 2014

It's been a bit of a busy and stressful week for me. I got a job teaching art! I am super excited over the possibilities, even though it's only one class at the moment. I have a lot of ideas buzzing around for projects that would be a blast to do.

During this week I shadowed the current teacher and then oddly remembered an old project called "Alex". It was my original idea for my senior project for college. I wanted to make a website that I could post cute art projects and ideas. Anything from printables to easy projects. Original idea re-made:

Because of this class I am going to start working on it again. I am going to focus on designing cute things for kids and the kid at heart. I am hoping to post the projects I do in class, as well as, focus on the fun creativity industry. Which is where a huge chunk of my heart is. I love encouraging people to create!

As I work on the project I'll see little peeps here on this blog. Also there will be an Etsy shop, where you can grab cute cards, printables, and pdfs of projects. You'll also see those hanging around as well.