Spot Illustration for an Article About Wildfires

August 18, 2014

medium: handmade stamps, pencil, pen & ink

Had a blast making this spot illustration for an article on wildfires and their benefits.

The article talks about how a guy hiked through an area where wildfires scorched the earth, but flowers had started growing in the dead brush. Lovely article about nature being renewed.

Inspired By: Handmade Leather by Sara Barner

August 7, 2014

I first discovered Sara Barner's handmade bag through a friend of mine. I was looking for a modern looking bag that was cute and simple. My friend e-mailed me a couple links and the top bag caught my eye.

Sadly, it was out of my price range so I complete forgot about the bag. Until it came up on my pinterest feed a couple days ago! I am so excited I ran across it again.

Moodboard: Dancing Through the Grass

August 6, 2014

A moodboard for my current client who wanted something colorful and green. He made some personal notes about the project that has made me super excited.

I am still trying to get use to using the questionnaire I make my clients fill out. I sometimes forget to give it to them and I have to later backtrack. I am starting to see some questions that need to be changed or re-worked to make sense. But I am really enjoying this hands on learning of running your own business.

Back on Schedule

August 4, 2014

After a long break of a couple weeks, I'll be updating the blog regularly. I am super excited. I have a ton of projects and ideas to show you guys. Also you'll be seeing my work regularly as I move forward. It's a bit new to me to show off my work, but I'll try. I look forward to posting again.

By the way I love this picture, it's from Amy Merrick's Blog.

Color Hero: Your Heads in the Clouds

July 18, 2014

Self Portrait by Alex Stoddard

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had some medical issues that needed to be sorted out this week. I'll be back on schedule next week.