Color Hero: Your Heads in the Clouds

July 18, 2014

Self Portrait by Alex Stoddard

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had some medical issues that needed to be sorted out this week. I'll be back on schedule next week.

In the Studio: Exploring Marks

July 14, 2014

Last week, I had the honor of attending a design class on how designers should utilize their personal hand to create typography. As designers, we are taught to be invisible in our designs and that's not how design is suppose to be. He used great examples from the past in both design and art to explain why we should show our personal hand more. It was really moving.

One of his ending projects was that he wanted everyone to explore their own "marks". How your hand natural moves across the paper. Not to judge yourself wither the mark is perfect or terrible just to let it be. So I took up his challenge.

mark one Acrylic & Pastel

mark two Acrylic & Pastel

After, the class one of my friends suggested that I try doing the mark exercise with my eyes closed. She explained that I had to imagine where I put the marks in my head and that it would hone my connection to the material. Just make sure that I lift my arm off the table, that way I would move with my shoulder rather than my wrist. I thought it was interesting idea. So I tried it out.

mark three & four Mix Media

I had a blast! I am so glad I went to the class. All of these paintings are hanging up in my studio space right now as a reminder.

Creative Leak: Ways to Keep Learning

July 10, 2014

When I graduated from school I thought I was done with learning. Will that’s how it’s present when you go to school, you pay a lot of money to learn and that should be that, right? Or you should just apply yourself and you’ll get it, right? Sadly, this is not how it works.

As you can tell, I was highly disillusioned after leaving an academic mind set and I was kind of pissed. Here I spent butt loads of money to learn and it’s only the very very very tip of what I needed to know about my career. And most of it was memorizing words and ideas. I had to shift how I saw learning and even how I learned from sources.

I had to accept my limitations, as well as, my strengths in order for me to be able to move in a more confident way. I been able to add and subtract others ideas to mine as I move forward in my ultimate reason for doing my work on a daily bases. It’s been an exciting journey and the KEY is to see everything in a curious way.

accepting yourself No one is perfect so don’t try to learn in a prefect way. Like if I copy this creative idea I’ll be prefect and successful. This is not true. You need to know your own limitations as well as what you love. You might like to be like someone, but is it you?

don't be afraid of others ideas On that same note don’t be afraid to look at others for ideas and techniques. Don’t live in a bubble. Be aware of them. Let them be as they are, but make them your own. Like: It’s cool that ___ does this but I am stronger at ___ but I can use this to do ____.

look at something in a new way Living alone I took up cooking and fell in love with it. But during this time I started to see cooking in a new way. I began to see it as an art form. I could think of cooking like I do creatively. So look at something you do every day and apply the same techniques as you do with your art form.

take a non-traditional class I have learned a ton from classes that are not in a traditional classroom. Either it be from books, webinars, or online classes just take it. You will be surprised at how much you will learn in just a short period of time. Just be curious and take a chance.

Learning can be fun and should come as a life time habit. It’s hard to shift your mind from the academic mind set of memorizing lines to active learning. But the world is worth exploring, so explore it.

4 Things That I Am Inspired By Right Now

July 8, 2014

This month I am inspired by many handmade items from sewing to design. I just set up a light-box in my studio to take pictures from! I am so excited. I am hoping to introduce some handmade items into my work.

1. Secret Stitches by Mari Kamio

2. Little Pots by Atelier Stella

3. Ambidex Store by Unknown

4. Birds-On-A-Tree-Puzzle by Creative Playthings Toy Company

For more inspirations you can check out my pinterest @artistkristin.

Doodle Chic: A Mouse's Day Wear

July 3, 2014

I am a sucker for easy outfits, especially ones you can quickly thrown on and look cute in. For me nothing says easy like a huge sweater, slim jeans, and shoes. Out the door in 15 minutes.

Found this outfit while looking through some fashion pages. This is the first time I used a pre-made outfit to doodle. It's a bit hard to track down the items (guess that's the benefit of making your own). So I tried to match the pieces as best as I could from pieces I found on etsy.

hat: Maroon Hat Womens Slouch Beanies from foreverandrea $40 sweater: Vintage DIOR Oversized Grey Sweater from shopEBV $65 jeans: Vintage Levi's Black Jeans from EllsworthAndSmith $30 shoes: Vintage Converse All Star Fast Break Sneakers from TheOldWell $70 bag: Black Tote Bag from MatkaShop $208